Friday, 16 December 2016

Year Eight Graduation 2016

On Wednesday night, the year eight graduation took place at the Pakuranga Sailing Club. Everyone showed up looking pretty and handsome. First had a dinner in the dinning room. Lasagna and salad which was the main course. After the delicious dinner was the dessert. The pavlova and ice cream for dessert was so sweet. After Mr Grady presented the graduation certificates to all the years eights .Then it was time to dance. The boys kindly ask a girl to dance as the first songs played. It was a fun night and amazing night.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Teaching Mrs Anderson

Manu and I taught Mrs Anderson how to play capture the flag, We explained what the rules are and strategies that you could use to win. We drew out a picture of the field and where the players are supposed be.

2016 Collage Reflection

Since the year has nearly come to a end, LS2 have created a photo reflection of the year. Eric and I put together a collage that showcases the events that have happened this year also adding the work we did in class. This year has been so fun with all the things happening every term.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Labyrinth Movie Breakdown

Yesterday on Monday, we started a class activity about Labyrinth, a 1986 movie starring David Bowie(as Jareth). Mz Kirkpatrick talked with us about the types of camera angle that they use in movies. We then broke down the movie to learning about foreshadow(giving hints/clues) and find things like the character introductions.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Launching Rockets at Tamaki College

Today we were building our rockets at Tamaki College. We were finishing our rockets and preparing for launch off. We had to attach a paper streamer to a string which was going to be taped to the nosecone of our rockets and the other end taped to the rocket. Mr Dunn showed us how the nose of the rocket will deploy and cause resistance to the rocket when it comes back down for less impact. Next we had to add the engine and blutack. The engine was going to be placed inside the bottom of the rocket and the blutack was for the weight balance or else it will spin out of control. Mr Dunn then guided us the the launch area where we will test our rockets. Lining up to test my rocket, and unsure of what will happen when I launch my rocket. Watching everyone else's rocket launch was an amazing observation. The stream of gas that followed the rocket as it leaped into the clouds. Some of the rockets didn't go as planned and either didn't deploy the nose cone, or the fin came of. Then there were some that were successful and shot straight into the the skies. This wouldn't of happened without Mr Dunn and a bit of help from Mrs Ferguson.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Trip to Tahuna Torea

Yesterday the whole senior school went to Tahuna Torea Reserve to study the habitat of the Kuaka. We saw the environment and mudflats where they rest. It was a fun time observing the view. I work collaboratively with my group to create to projects that reflect our day yesterday.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Kuaka Reading

Today we had a class reading activity about the kuaka (bar tailed godwit) migration. We were put into groups from the day before and continued a reading matrix chart. We then had a discussion about the types of transport that were/are used today, thirty years and one hundred years ago. Then one finished we, read a text about the kuaka migration using the reciprocal reading prompt(it is when everyone in the group get a turn a being the leader and asks their group questions like predictions, clarifying and summarising)